Salam Ramadan

Selamat Ramadan to all our Muslim friends and

2016 Gawai WEB 3 JPG

Happy Gawai to our Sarawakian and Sabahan buddies!

Hope everyone is having a great month of festivities!


Wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness throughout the new year!


Thank you to everyone for all these amazing hampers!


Lucky draw for all 24 of us!


Ee sang tossing for good fortune!


Happy Chinese New Year once again from everyone at IDC | DesignEast.

Happy Diwali IDC 2015

Happy Deepavali! Above is another rangoli done by our talented designers. Time really flies! Check out our rangoli from last year here: Diwali at IDC

diwali 07

Once again, we headed to Ammah’s curry house for a hearty Indian meal!

diwali 05

Our delicious banana leaf set. This one is mutton curry! The dishes were so pretty that everyone became a photographer:

diwali 04

diwali 03

Most of us!

diwali 08

There was also a little art piece made specially for our little precious boys.

Have a beautiful, fun filled celebration everyone!

Hari Raya 2015 WebsiteWishing everyone a joyous Raya this weekend! Be safe and have great fun with your friends and family!

from all of us at  IDC|DesignEast


Pizza Fridays happen once a month where the team would stop working at 4.30pm and head to the meeting room to watch interesting presentations from selected team members while nibbling on pizzas. These presentations are normally on architecture, staff travels, art, or anything at all that they’d like to share.

One Pizza Friday, Jeffrey took us out of the office to present on one of our past projects that won a PAM Commendation in 2013: KTS Anniversary Park and Function Hall.


Here are some random facts about the KTS Anniversary Park and Function Hall Project and some of the pictures from the day!:

150313 pizza kts 16

1. The hall is made out of a recycled warehouse structure.

150313 pizza kts 18

2. The hall was built in conjunction with KTS Group’s 50th Anniversary.

150313 pizza kts 01

3. The interiors of the function hall and restaurant were designed by a Shanghai-based interior design firm – Mooredeco.

150313 pizza kts 05

 4. The hall fits 60 round 10-seater tables.

150313 pizza kts 03

5. Different shades were chosen for the glass windows on purpose for maintenance reasons.

150313 pizza kts 10

What architects tend to do when in a new environment: Look up and down, touch, think.

Dinner with the past Chief Minister


The Chinese Restaurant at KTS Garden. Opens for lunch and dinner.

150313 pizza kts 02

150313 pizza kts 08

 The expensive little garden in front of the restrooms.


View from the restrooms.

150313 pizza kts 06

Amazing late afternoon view of the river from the garden.

150313 pizza kts 09

Part of the team on the garden’s Philippine grass patch. Really comfortable and cooling place to lie down and relax on.

150313 pizza kts 11

Sunset at KTS Garden.

150313 pizza kts 12

150313 pizza kts 13

150313 pizza kts 14

Would make a beautiful wedding venue right?

150313 pizza kts 15

Do pay the place a visit! Perhaps plan a garden event too??

More on the project here:

GAWAI 2015

Happy Harvest Festival to everyone in Sarawak and Sabah! Stay safe and enjoy your long weekend!

Gawai 01

Our office had a Gawai lunch on Thursday at Absolute Tribal.

Gawai 02

Dabai Fried Rice

We did not take many food pictures because it was quite dark and we didn’t bring a proper camera. So here are 2 almost-decent looking pictures out of the 8 dishes!

Gawai 04

Kiwi Chicken was delicious!

We also had very tasty Tom Yam Soup, which wasn’t spicy enough for Janani; fresh steamed fish in Thai sauce which was done very well; refreshing Apple Kerabu; interesting steamed otak-otak, which packaging was a little deceiving; and the good old stir fried mixed vegetables.

We also celebrated our HR Director’s birthday early at the lunch as his birthday falls on 1st of June, which is the first day of the Gawai holidays!

gawai 06

Surprised Janggu?

Gawai 07




Here’s most of us in red on Chinese New Year Eve! 😀


We had an amazing CNY lunch together at Sanga.


Chopped up a whole salmon. 100 pieces of salmon sashimi split into two boats!


Salmon Fried Rice


Parts that don’t make good sashimi make good cooked food.

There was a lot more food. But we were enjoying our food so much, we forgot to take a picture of all of them.


Again, we forgot to take a picture of all of us together. So here’s some of us. 😀

May we all have a great year ahead!