If there’s one thing in common we found out about our Team apart from our love for Art, Design, and Travel, it’s that most of us are crazy about food. Not just crazy about eating food, but also about preparing it.

Breakfast at IDC

Breakfast at IDC-DesignEast started out as just a simple gathering on a Wednesday every fortnight to kill the midweek blues and to catch-up with our Team. The event was then carried out by rotating a small team of three to prepare breakfast for the whole office. What started out as simple takeaways of local pastries turned into elaborate meals of international cuisines cooked on the spot, in our pantry!


Local pastries bought from a local market


Spanish Omelette by Chee Wee


Hong Kong Styled Set Meal. Set A- Noodle set. Set B-Toast set


Egg Gratin by Michelle and Green Tea Pancakes with Nutella and Bananas by Ryohei


Manchurian-something with Toast that Janani learnt from her mum, Flavored Tamago by Ryohei, Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Chips, and a bunch of Fruits.


We often encourage our Team to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although our dream to have a run by the waterfront together every Thursday after work have yet to come true, we did send some of our members to the Rat Race on 30th April 2014 for the fun of it! What’s special about this race is that participants ran in their work clothes!


To our surprise, one of our team members took the ‘work’ costume theme to a whole new level, with a good cause though. His running team cross-dressed to raise funds for the Hope Place, or ‘Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching ‘, a welfare group that is now helping 50 needy families (according to this article on Borneo Post on Hope Place).


The event ended with all of us drenched to our bones as it rained heavily half way through the race. Still, it was great fun and we can’t wait for the next event!


Hello and welcome to IDC-DesignEast’s Happenings Page! Get to know us better by dropping by and see what’s cooking in our oven!


Yes, as you can see from our events, we are quite literal when we mention “cooking”. Stay tuned for more yummy updates, our travels, thoughts on design, and much more!