Congratulations Café Café!

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We celebrate the Grand Opening of Café Café, Song Plaza on 28th November 2014!

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We were approached to design a new outlet for Café Café, a popular local eatery, at Song Plaza, Brighton Square, a commercial hub filled with F&B outlets in Kuching.  The 170m2 space had an odd-shaped, irregular layout that proved a challenge to provide the maximum number of seats that the clients requested. There was also a 750mm wide square column in the centre of the space and there was very little window frontage at the main entrance. However, on the plus-side, the space had an exposed tall ceiling soaring 4.6 metres high that we knew we could take advantage of in order to complement the nature of the restaurant.

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One of the most important aspects of the renovation was to create an interesting frontage that could capture pedestrian’s attention as well as to create a recognizable façade. Due to the minimal glass frontage, we designed a series of colourful, timber louvre screens that were finished with a special painting technique to give the screens an ‘aged’ by-forgotten era look. For the interiors, we decided to go with an industrial-chic aesthetic tied with a ‘school canteen’ concept for diners to reminisce the communal and playful spirit of a school dining hall. Dangled from the ceilings are ‘paper planes’ folded from recycled newspaper metal plates that appear to fly and soar in the air, contributing to the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ atmosphere of the restaurant.

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We took advantage of the wall with the longest and largest surface area; creating diner-style banquette seats and a feature wall composed of painted mild steel plates, painted PVC pipes cut to custom sizes, expendable mesh screens, and painted metal plates made into letters that spelled ‘Café Café’. The rhythmic and repetitive elements of the feature wall combined with subtle back-lighting were inspired by the idea of old billboard signs against a backdrop of architectural building elements.

One of the most distinct elements of the space was a huge column in the middle of the dining area. We decided to use this as a design advantage by encasing it with a series of circular metal screens and shelves and designed a communal dining table around it. The result is a focal point in the middle of the dining space that draws guests there. Interestingly enough, it is currently one of the most popular tables in the dining space.

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Centred around the idea that food brings people together, we see this project as a way to combine playful design elements with humble, unexpected materials to create interiors that are both sophisticated and cozy at the same time.

We hope the space managed to pleasure more of your senses than just  your tastebuds!


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