Diwali at IDC |DesignEast

Happy Diwali sharp

Happy Diwali!

Not having Deepavali as a public holiday in East Malaysia didn’t stop us from celebrating the beautiful festival of lights! Having a creative architect-colleague straight from Chennai, India made sure we had the most colorful one!


The Rangoli at IDC | DesignEast Office’s entrance that Janani stayed back after hours to complete!


We decided to go to Amah’s Curry House on Deepavali Day itself for lunch to find out the restaurant was closed for business as they were having a Deepavali Open-House. Instead of telling us to come back next time, the most gracious host warmly invited us to join them and have all his delicious food. Yes, so many of us thick-skinnedly ‘crashed’ someone’s party, and it was awesome! Loved their traditional outfits too!


Most of us in the office dressed up for the occasion, but we didn’t have the chance to take a picture of our traditional clothes. So here are our faces and shoulder areas that sort of shows hints of traditional flavor. heh.

A few of our lovely ladies.


And some pictures of the Rangoli making process!

Hi Janani!


Hardworking Janani and Azizah


Lit up Rangoli

Pictures by:

Amily, Azizah, Daphne, Janani, Yon &  Zhann


IDC-DesignEast Office & Amah’s Curry House