Happy Gawai!

GAWAI 2015

Happy Harvest Festival to everyone in Sarawak and Sabah! Stay safe and enjoy your long weekend!

Gawai 01

Our office had a Gawai lunch on Thursday at Absolute Tribal.

Gawai 02

Dabai Fried Rice

We did not take many food pictures because it was quite dark and we didn’t bring a proper camera. So here are 2 almost-decent looking pictures out of the 8 dishes!

Gawai 04

Kiwi Chicken was delicious!

We also had very tasty Tom Yam Soup, which wasn’t spicy enough for Janani; fresh steamed fish in Thai sauce which was done very well; refreshing Apple Kerabu; interesting steamed otak-otak, which packaging was a little deceiving; and the good old stir fried mixed vegetables.

We also celebrated our HR Director’s birthday early at the lunch as his birthday falls on 1st of June, which is the first day of the Gawai holidays!

gawai 06

Surprised Janggu?

Gawai 07