Cameron Residence

The design of the House at Kampung Git was very much driven by the Client’s vision and the location. The Client wanted a house in the jungle, and the Site – besides being surrounded by a beautiful tropical jungle – has spectacular views towards a limestone mountain.

The linear arrangement of the house attempts to maximize the views towards the limestone mountain. The organizing principle came from the idea of a cluster of small kampung houses grouped on the Site. The main living spaces, bedrooms and guest room were designed as separate buildings connected with a linear corridor.

As the Site sits on a high point and slopes toward a valley – the house was designed to rest on stilts in order to negotiate the terrain. This also minimized the disturbance to the existing Site. A large Belian deck extends the living space into the outdoors, and the view from the living room is framed by a swimming pool which reflects the jungle and the mountain.

This project was completed in 2017.

Location: Padawan, Sarawak.
Area: 500 sq m
Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Implementation & Management
Project Team: Ng Chee Wee, Azizah Sahmat & Yon Syafni
Photographs taken by: IDC Architects