Cocoa Wonder

We were approached to design a 25 sqm retail outlet for a chocolate and confectionary shop in the basement of a popular shopping mall. Given the relatively small size of the shop, there were several factors to consider such as the best way of displaying the different brands and merchandise, how to store them and how we could attract customers to the shop. Due to the tight budget constraints and timeline, we opted to customise steel shelves painted in an eye-catching, vibrant egg-yolk yellow colour. The shelves not only serve as display units, they act as storage for the merchandise as well. Fabricated to be easily installed and adapted to other outlets, they line the entire length of the wall in the given retail space. A lower display unit is located in the centre of the space and acts as the main point of sales in the shop. Chocolates are also displayed in the lower unit; placed strategically to ‘tempt’ the buyer to select more chocolates as they are paying for their items.

Location :
Vivacity Megamall, Kuching, Sarawak
Project Team:
Jeffrey Yeung & Lily Low
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
Category :
Hospitality & Retail