Santubong Suites Apartment

Situated within an apartment building overlooking the sea and surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest, the brief involved renovating and converting three 95 sqm units into apartment show units. Taking advantage of the magnificent views and working within a tight budget, this project was a careful exercise of creating harmonious interiors by retaining and introducing new and old architectural structures and elements. taking cues from the colours and textures of the beach and ocean, a material palette of white-washed timber, silver marble and light grey-washed walls was used. The result is a bright and elegant interior that is functional, adaptable and utilises the space effectively.

This project was completed in April 2017.

Location: Santubong Sarawak.
Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Contract Implementation & Management
Project Team: Alan Lau & Janani Premchand
Photographs taken by: IDC Architects