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Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season!

It’s a known fact that we at IDC|DesignEast, LOVE . FOOD. So we had a Year-End Lunch and a Christmas Brunch to celebrate the holiday season all in two weeks. LOL.

Miss our Christmas Tree?

Year End Lunch at Carvery

There were lots of food.


And lots of Smiles.

The following week, it was time for Breakfasts at IDC again, and we prepared a Christmas themed lunch! Feast your eyes! 🙂

Happy Holidays and a Great new Year to everyone!


Wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness throughout the new year!


Thank you to everyone for all these amazing hampers!


Lucky draw for all 24 of us!


Ee sang tossing for good fortune!


Happy Chinese New Year once again from everyone at IDC | DesignEast.


Pizza Fridays happen once a month where the team would stop working at 4.30pm and head to the meeting room to watch interesting presentations from selected team members while nibbling on pizzas. These presentations are normally on architecture, staff travels, art, or anything at all that they’d like to share.

One Pizza Friday, Jeffrey took us out of the office to present on one of our past projects that won a PAM Commendation in 2013: KTS Anniversary Park and Function Hall.


Here are some random facts about the KTS Anniversary Park and Function Hall Project and some of the pictures from the day!:

150313 pizza kts 16

1. The hall is made out of a recycled warehouse structure.

150313 pizza kts 18

2. The hall was built in conjunction with KTS Group’s 50th Anniversary.

150313 pizza kts 01

3. The interiors of the function hall and restaurant were designed by a Shanghai-based interior design firm – Mooredeco.

150313 pizza kts 05

 4. The hall fits 60 round 10-seater tables.

150313 pizza kts 03

5. Different shades were chosen for the glass windows on purpose for maintenance reasons.

150313 pizza kts 10

What architects tend to do when in a new environment: Look up and down, touch, think.

Dinner with the past Chief Minister


The Chinese Restaurant at KTS Garden. Opens for lunch and dinner.

150313 pizza kts 02

150313 pizza kts 08

 The expensive little garden in front of the restrooms.


View from the restrooms.

150313 pizza kts 06

Amazing late afternoon view of the river from the garden.

150313 pizza kts 09

Part of the team on the garden’s Philippine grass patch. Really comfortable and cooling place to lie down and relax on.

150313 pizza kts 11

Sunset at KTS Garden.

150313 pizza kts 12

150313 pizza kts 13

150313 pizza kts 14

Would make a beautiful wedding venue right?

150313 pizza kts 15

Do pay the place a visit! Perhaps plan a garden event too??

More on the project here: http://idc-designeast.com/project-page/kts-anniversary-park-function-hall/


Here’s most of us in red on Chinese New Year Eve! 😀


We had an amazing CNY lunch together at Sanga.


Chopped up a whole salmon. 100 pieces of salmon sashimi split into two boats!


Salmon Fried Rice


Parts that don’t make good sashimi make good cooked food.

There was a lot more food. But we were enjoying our food so much, we forgot to take a picture of all of them.


Again, we forgot to take a picture of all of us together. So here’s some of us. 😀

May we all have a great year ahead!

In October, the team headed to Palm Beach Resort, Sematan for a weekend trip!

001The organizers packing up the goodies into our fancy ride.


Got to Palm Beach Resort, Sematan by noon.


Our accomodation




Rented some bicycles and explored Sematan town!


At the jetty.


Old pretty building.


Entrance of the resort!


“Shark Boy and Lava Girls”, said Janani.


Then we chilled out by the beach.


The night activities consisted of Black Jack with peanuts as money,


and munching on delicious barbecue prepared by Janggu!


The next day, we all headed to the beach in the morning for some team-building games!


First game got us dancing around with baloons on our feet.


2nd game was sort of a relay of tasks.


Flying Mic!


They were 2nd place :p


Quick picture before the final game! Sand architecture! We’re supposed to grab 3 pails, head back to our teams and build the tallest awesomest sand castle of all in 20 minutes.


One of our interior design projects has recently been featured on Architecture Malaysia magazine: Vol 26, Issue 6, December 2014.

The project was an interior design done to a double-storey bungalow on Crookshank Road. More pictures on the project here: Interiors for Detached House, Jalan Crookshank

AM feature DE-PE01a

 click to enlarge

AM feature DE-PE01b

A sustainable living quarter with a sleek timber interior complements its natural, green surroundings.

The house is nestled within a residential neighbourhood close to the city centre, surrounded by mature trees and natural vegetation. Considering its close proximity to the city centre, the site’s unusually tranquil environment is a boon for the owners who decided to build their first house in Kuching for their growing family.

After construction had commenced, Integrated Design Consultant was approached to design the interiors of the house with a focus on the living and dining areas, kitchens, family room and bedrooms. The brief called for the designer to create a cosy living environment that complemented the architecture as well as provide storage for their burgeoning book collection. One of the distinct architectural features of the house is a ramp that connects the ground floor to the first floor – giving the owners a bird’s eye view of the natural surroundings as they travel along the ramp to the upper floor. The house is also designed to be sustainable and utilises metal screens and timber louvres to encourage natural cross ventilation throughout the house at all times. Natural light is a constant feature in the house as there are ample windows in all the habitable spaces of the house, minimising the use of artificial lighting during the day.

Inspired by the slope of the ramp that connects the house on both levels as well as traditional Chinese lattice screens, the designers utilised the wall between the ramp and living space to build custom-designed shelves for the owners’ books that still enables natural light and cross ventilation to flow throughout the house. The shelves not only serve the purpose of providing storage for the owners’ book collection – they form screens, room dividers, and divans for reading on. They also enable family members to interact with each other even when they are in different parts of the house, as the ramp is a transition space that links the living areas on the ground floor to the family room and bedrooms upstairs.

The designers decided on a restrained palette of materials in order to complement the sleek, modern lines of the architecture. They were carefully chosen to balance the harmony between the architecture and the interiors and require minimal maintenance for the owners, who wanted the house to complement its natural surroundings. Raw plywood and teak floorboards are used extensively throughout the house not only to create a striking contrast to the white-washed walls, but also to show how humble materials can create sophisticated architecture and interiors. Both fixed and loose furniture was detailed out of local ‘Lala’ timber plywood in keeping with the minimalistic aesthetic as well as for its honey-blonde colour and fine grain. The use of special plywood also dispensed with the need for additional interior finishes.”

Special thanks and well done to all those who worked on the project, namely Tina, Chloe, Martin, Jenny, and Justin who helped to take the final photos.


In June, the Design Team went to Kuala Lumpur for the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival’s DATUM:KL Event in conjunction with the 16th ASIAN Congress of Architects. The theme this year was, “Rejuvenation”.

Datum1We enjoyed 48 hours of pure indulgence in design inspiration throughout the day and on food and shopping at night.

wolo 1The beautifully decorated wall at the reception of Wolo Hotel made of plastic utensils.

Staying at the heart of the city was a plus for morning walks (only our diligent director did that though) and spending the evenings exploring the various food places.

DSC_1599The Team with our breakfast at Tous Les Jour before walking to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for the event.

datum2The Team going through the Events’ Handbook.

DSC_1384A group picture of the team with freebies from Lysaght.

It was a rejuvenating experience indeed!


Post contribution:
Content: Excerpts from Janani’s Heyday Journal
Pictures: Justin & Daphne

If there’s one thing in common we found out about our Team apart from our love for Art, Design, and Travel, it’s that most of us are crazy about food. Not just crazy about eating food, but also about preparing it.

Breakfast at IDC

Breakfast at IDC-DesignEast started out as just a simple gathering on a Wednesday every fortnight to kill the midweek blues and to catch-up with our Team. The event was then carried out by rotating a small team of three to prepare breakfast for the whole office. What started out as simple takeaways of local pastries turned into elaborate meals of international cuisines cooked on the spot, in our pantry!


Local pastries bought from a local market


Spanish Omelette by Chee Wee


Hong Kong Styled Set Meal. Set A- Noodle set. Set B-Toast set


Egg Gratin by Michelle and Green Tea Pancakes with Nutella and Bananas by Ryohei


Manchurian-something with Toast that Janani learnt from her mum, Flavored Tamago by Ryohei, Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Chips, and a bunch of Fruits.


We often encourage our Team to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although our dream to have a run by the waterfront together every Thursday after work have yet to come true, we did send some of our members to the Rat Race on 30th April 2014 for the fun of it! What’s special about this race is that participants ran in their work clothes!


To our surprise, one of our team members took the ‘work’ costume theme to a whole new level, with a good cause though. His running team cross-dressed to raise funds for the Hope Place, or ‘Persatuan Kebajikan Harapan Kuching ‘, a welfare group that is now helping 50 needy families (according to this article on Borneo Post on Hope Place).


The event ended with all of us drenched to our bones as it rained heavily half way through the race. Still, it was great fun and we can’t wait for the next event!