IDC Architects Sdn Bhd (1179713-D) is an award-winning private architectural practice based in Kuching, Sarawak, and was established in March 2016. The initials IDC came from the former company Integrated Design Consultant that was founded by one of the current founding directors of IDC Architects. We are a team of qualified, creative professionals who are dedicated to providing original and effective design solutions for each project.

As a multi-disciplinary practice with experience in planning, urban design, architecture and interior design, we are able to manage a project from its initial conception to final completion. We believe in forming close working relationships with our clients and consultant teams in order to derive at well-conceived design solutions that fulfill the needs and requirement of the design brief. We accept commissions for a wide range of residential, commercial, corporate, retail, educational and hospitality projects.

We are constantly exploring different ways of interpreting the design language in order to create built environments and spaces that are unique and specific for each client and location. This is done through our holistic approach to design, where we look at the overall perspective in order to arrive at solutions that take into account the functional requirements, user needs, the environment, the surrounding urban spaces and lanscape. One of the ways that we explore design concepts is through the re-interpretation of past stories or memories inherent to the site. By creating a design language than evokes certain memories and emotions through the varied use of colour palletes, materials and textile, we engage the end user in unexpected ways that is unique and memorable.

We provide the following services:

Architectural Design
Feasibility Studies
Preparation of Project Briefs
Urban Design/ Masterplanning
Contract Documentation
Contract Administration
Interior Design