Mukah Biotech Economic Zone

The Mukah Biotech Economic Zone is a mixed development located about 600m from the Town Centre. The development consists of Shop-Offices as well as Office Blocks. The overall planning provide ample open spaces for both leisure and recreational activities. Phase I of the Development consists of 40 units of 3-storey Shop-Offices. These are laid out surrounding an internal open space which will be landscaped into a public park. The Shop-Offices are proviced with double-frontage to face the main roads as well as the park at the back. Toilets are placed in the middle of the building with a light well for natural ventilation, maximizing the shop fronts on both sides.

The design of the Shop-Offices aim to create a modern and progressive outlook for the overall development. The first floor of the building cantilevers over the five-foot-way which is column- free in order to create an inviting atmosphere. Extensive use of glass on the façade allow plenty of natural light into the buildings and also opens up the views from inside – as these are intended to be taken up by small to medium businesses in the biotech industry.

Location :
Mukah, Sarawak
Project Team:
Ng Chee Wee & Yon Syafni
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
Category :
Education & Offices