Sarawak Convention Bureau

Sarawak Convention Bureau has been instrumental in promoting Sarawak as a desirable destination for business meetings and international conferences. Their previous location, in a single-storey bungalow in the town centre, had become insufficient for the growing organisation, and so the decision was made to move into a 900 sqm office space within a 1960s office building nearby.

Given the tight construction budget, the design of the new office had to be both concise and efficient in its use of resources. This resulted in a restrained use of materials (polished concrete floors, glass, timber and steel), the elimination of costly ceilings and trimmings, and the use of open planning wherever practical, to maximise natural light and the feeling of space.

As SCB’s public face, the reception area draws on Sarawak’s rich cultural heritage. A handwoven traditional rattan mat is incorporated into the reception desk. A timber
backdrop, which screens a colourful mural of Sarawak’s iconic hornbill, recreates the
intricate weaving on the rim of a traditional Iban rice basket, as do the privacy decals on the glass partitions. Abstracted indigenous motifs are featured in the design of the
custom overhead lighting, floor patterns and acoustic ceiling panels.

Kuching, Sarawak.

Project Team:
Tina Lau, Alan Lau, Carovin Bong, Alvin Simon

Photographs taken by:
Shensnaps Photography