Priest Retreat Centre

The Priest Retreat Centre was built as a retirement facility for aged priests in Sarawak. Instead of an isolated retirement facility which would be cut off from the community, we proposed an integrated retreat centre which would provide accommodation for the retired priests, while at the same time also include facilities for the church community. A small chapel which could accommodated around 50 people was also included in the development. By combining the retirement and activity functions together – we ensure that the priests are not isolated and will be able to interact with the people who use the facilities.

To ensure that the retirement units will still have sufficient privacy from visitors, all the units are designed as suites – with a small living area facing the public faces, and a separate bedroom at the back which face away from the common areas. This way the residents have the option to use either the more public spaces which provide interaction with visitors, or to retreat to the more private sleeping area.

The resulting complex consists of 5 main components:

a) Accommodation for the retired priests on the ground floor,
b) Accommodation for 2 care-taker priests,
c) Rooms for visiting congregation on the 1st floor,
d) Multi-purpose Rooms, and
e) A Small Chapel

Jalan Stutong Kuching Sarawak.

Project Team:
Ng Chee Wee

Photographs taken by:
IDC Architects