SL Residence

Designed for a family with young children, the client’s brief was to renovate an existing 2,800 square feet apartment unit into a spacious 3-bedroom home that was both functional and homely.

The existing space had some dark, internal spaces that lacked natural light and there was a lack of definition to make more efficient use of the space. The solution was to create continuous spaces that flowed into each other; instead of using solid walls, open shelves and screens were used as room dividers to enable natural light to penetrate into the core and maintain visual connectivity.

A simple material palette of white oak timber, white-washed walls and polished surfaces lend a sense of calm and sensibility to the space.

Location :
Kuching, Sarawak
Project Team:
Tina Lau, Angeline Chan & Interns
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
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