Nana Modern Thai

Situated in an up-and-coming shopping centre in Kuching, Nana Thai occupies a unit on the ground floor that faces the main entrance and has a wide glass frontage. Combined with tall ceilings and access to natural light, the site has an irregular-shaped floor plan that needed careful consideration in the planning in order to accommodate the most efficient number of seats and tables for dining.

The design strategy was to create an environment that evoked memories of South-East Asian cities in the past, utilising a material and colour palette synonymous to the tropics. Natural rattan, dark-stained wood, terracotta tiles & green marble were used against a backdrop of sandy coloured hues on the walls and curved planter boxes filled with tropical plants.

A customised ‘rain’ chandelier weaved out of rattan rings by villagers from the local indigenous Penan tribe hangs in a corner over a dining table, providing a focal point at the anex of the restaurant.

Location :
Kuching, Sarawak
IDC Team:
Tina Lau, Amily Voon & Ming Wung
Photographs taken by :
Chonfan Photography
Category :
Hospitality & Retail