Saradise Edge is a new F&B precinct right within the heart of the Saradise Township. This cutting-edge lifestyle development with a street-mall concept was conceived by the developer to appeal to the young and young-at-heart. IDC Architects was very privileged to be entrusted by the developer to design the flagship food street – Saradise Feast, on the ground floor of the 3-storey complex.

The developer wanted a concept with a strong Sarawakian identity which is in line with their overall vision for the Saradise Township. With this in mind, the overall design concept derived its inspirations from the rich cultural and historical heritage of Sarawak – at the same time infusing them with a modern touch and sensibility.

The Colonial design of the stall fronts take its cue from the heritage shophouses on Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street. In the middle, curved decorative columns line the street. These are reminiscent of the split-bamboo posts used to decorate the longhouses on festive occasions. Traditional rattan mats adorn the ceiling, which are laminated with Perspex panels printed with traditional patterns.

Besides the semi-outdoor food street, there is also an air-conditioned dining space called Sarawak House for those who prefer a cooler dining experience. This area is designed as a gallery space, which will be used to exhibit artworks by local artists. The ceiling in Sarawak House is framed steel pipes arranged in a crisscross pattern inspired by the rich weaving tradition of Borneo. In this space, there are also hidden motifs for the visually adventurous to discover.

Location :
Edge F&B Mall, BDC, Kuching
Project Team:
Ng Chee Wee & Liaw Kheng Boon
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
Category :
Hospitality & Retail