SHiNE Pharmacy, The Spring

Shine Pharmacy’s third outlet in Kuching called for the renovation of 85sqm of retail space at the Spring Shopping Mall. As the second outlet designed by us, the owners wanted to have a refreshing but familiar ‘pharmaceutical’ look that would appeal to a wide audience.  The emphasis was also to showcase the various products that were on display, in particular their skincare and supplements products, as well as to provide ample display shelves for the prescribed medicines.

We saw an opportunity here to fuse the Shine brand with elements of the interior space, in particular the customised furniture such as the reception counter and island display. Taking cues from the ‘sun-rays’ in the Shine logo, we incorporated the patterns into the surfaces of the counter, creating a distinct look that is synonymous with the stero’s branding. A restrained material and colour palette of warm timber tones, white surfaces, black painted metal and ‘subway’ black and white tiles was applied in order to create a comfortable and harmonious interior that is well-suited to the Shine Pharmacy brand.

Location :
The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak
Project Team:
Tina Lau & Angeline Chan
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
Category :
Hospitality & Retail