The Bugo Residence comprises an extension to an existing bungalow on a forested, sloping site in the heart of Kuching. The brief required 3 new bedrooms, a new living/entertaining area, a swimming pool and new carporch alongside the original 1960s bungalow. Capitalising on the generous greenery surrounding the site and the existing slope, and also affected by some extreme angles imposed by the site setbacks, the response was to create a series of trapezoid, gabled structures poised on the edge of the jungle.

The new spatial arrangement allowed the living spaces to flow seamlessly from poolside to verandah to indoors, providing much-needed entertaining spaces throughout the house. An existing belian wood deck was relocated to make way for the new swimming pool, and poised atop plant equipment to create a new outdoor space for viewing the house while surrounded by greenery.

The gabled profiles of the new extension are a direct response to the form of the existing house, as well the vocabulary of protruding bay windows, in order to lend a unity to the overall design. Special attention was also paid to the use of metal roofing sheets as a facing material, to accentuate the role of the roof as a piece of origami wrapping eccentrically about the various volumes.

Location :
Jalan Bampfylde, Kuching, Sarawak
Project Team:
Alan Lau, Azizah Sahmat & Torbjorn Sletten
Photographs taken by :
Shensnaps Photography and IDC Architects
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