Palm Residence

This housing development consists of a series of two & three storey semi-detached and terrace houses that explore the possibilities of departing from the normally straight massing and facades of landed houses. With the terraced houses – instead of keeping to the same front and back setbacks for the whole block, the units were staggered by swapping some of the front and back setbacks. This resulted in a block that is staggered in layout – allowing the possibility of a more interesting form and façade. To take the idea further – the top level of the terraced houses are detached from adjacent lots – allowing more light and ventilation to the top floor – as well as creating a skylight which provide natural lighting to the centre of the house which would otherwise be quite dark.

The semi-detached houses also explore a different space-planning to the norm – by inserting a 2-storey atrium in the middle of the house and also introducing a double-height volume for the living area. The double-height space of the living room is accentuated with a feature staircase in steel and timber details. Like the terraced houses – the top floor of the semi-detached houses are detached from each other – reducing the overall massing of the houses and creating a more porous feel to the overall development.

Location :
Kuching, Sarawak
Project Team:
Ng Chee Wee & Cornelia Wee
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
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