Secret Recipe

The brief from the Client called for a design interpretation that could revamp the identity of the space and user experience – with a set of design features that could be reapplied to other outlets while adopting characteristics specific to its environment. The positioning and strategy of both the brand and design was to build around the essentials, with the notion of staying true to their daily business operation.

We looked into the core identity of the brand and decided the cakes, which is also the foundation of the business, as our design inspiration. Hence the cue for soft, rounder edges on most aspects of the design elements. The existing space was stripped down to its bare ‘bones’ – paired with a design that was assertive, simple & elemental by juxtaposing sleek, linear material with rougher, natural materials whist retaining the existing features and exposed structural details of the space.

Upon entering the space from either one of the two entrances, the linear paper tube installation provides a visual, directional guide to the eyes and divides the space between the public and private; separating the public realm of the bar & service counter and concealing from view back-of-house areas such as the kitchen and washrooms. The off-form pigmented cement wall draws upon the naked layering of one of the shops’ best-selling cakes – Chocolate Indulgence. Its’ dark, bold and unapologetic stacks of sponge cake sandwiched between thick chocolate cream – wishes to incite the desire for appetite.

As a popular eatery franchise, we sought to reassert the core elements of the business through the design features in the rejuvenated outlet. Through the juxtaposition of the old and new, we see this project as an example of creating modern, unexpected interiors by using raw, humble and natural materials. This project was completed in January 2018

Location :
Jalan Song Thian Cheok, Kuching Sarawak
Project Team:
Jeffrey Yeung, Amily Voon & Clement Lo
Photographs taken by :
IDC Architects
Category :
Hospitality & Retail