Parkview Tower

Parkview Tower Designed for 2 architects and their young children, this renovation involved converting one half of an existing penthouse into a 3-bedroom apartment unit with new ensuites, library and living/dining area. Drawing inspiration from their travels to the Nordic countries and their love for vintage sensibilities, natural materials such as locally sourced plywood, Selangan […]

KTS Sibu

KTS Sibu The brief was to design and renovate an executive office for a prominent Sarawak company on the top floor of an existing shophouse unit in Sibu, Sarawak. Typical to most shophouses built in the 1960s, the overall floor-to-floor ceiling height was very low and it made existing office space feel cramped and dark. […]

Sarawak Convention Bureau

Sarawak Convention Bureau Sarawak Convention Bureau has been instrumental in promoting Sarawak as a desirable destination for business meetings and international conferences. Their previous location, in a single-storey bungalow in the town centre, had become insufficient for the growing organisation, and so the decision was made to move into a 900 sqm office space within […]

SL Residence

SL Residence Designed for a family with young children, the client’s brief was to renovate an existing 2,800 square feet apartment unit into a spacious 3-bedroom home that was both functional and homely. The existing space had some dark, internal spaces that lacked natural light and there was a lack of definition to make more […]

Cocoa Wonder

Cocoa Wonder We were approached to design a 25 sqm retail outlet for a chocolate and confectionary shop in the basement of a popular shopping mall. Given the relatively small size of the shop, there were several factors to consider such as the best way of displaying the different brands and merchandise, how to store […]

Forbidden Fruits

Forbidden Fruits As part of the Rainforest Fringe Festival 2018, Forbidden Fruits is an installation composed of large, surreal woven fruits created by the indigenous and rural communities in Sarawak. Using natural materials such as rattan and bamboo, the weavers were challenged to create unfamiliar forms that would give new relevance to their age-old practice. […]

Secret Recipe Metrocity

Secret Recipe Metrocity Situated in a predominantly Malay-ethnic neighbourhood, the spatial sequence of our second outlet designed for Secret Recipe is inspired by Malay traditional houses – depicting the gathering scenes that take place on every corner of the house. From the informal ‘Verandah’, to the inviting and spacious ‘Living Lounge’ to the intimate ‘Dining […]

House at Jalan Ampang, Singapore

Jalan Ampang House, Singapore This house was commissioned by a senior lady who wished to have her two adult sons and their families live together with her. The authorities placed further restrictions on the house design, which ruled out subdividing it into 2 lots while also disallowing a symmetrical design. IDC responded with an asymmetrical […]

No. 81 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

No. 81 Waymouth Street, Adelaide We were approached to design the interiors of the ground floor main entrance lobby of an existing office building in the city centre of Adelaide, South Australia. Designed to incorporate a two-tiered lobby system for security purposes to differentiate the public from semi-public/private, the design inspiration came from looking at […]

Bugo Residence

Bugo Residence The Bugo Residence comprises an extension to an existing bungalow on a forested, sloping site in the heart of Kuching. The brief required 3 new bedrooms, a new living/entertaining area, a swimming pool and new carporch alongside the original 1960s bungalow. Capitalising on the generous greenery surrounding the site and the existing slope, […]